Our Locations

Zeem is headquartered in Los Angeles – just a few minutes away from our flagship EV hub in Inglewood. We’re scheduled to open three additional hubs throughout 2023-2024 in Long Beach, Calif., Newark, N.J., and New York City.

Our LAX Hub

Located a half-mile from the main terminal at LAX, our 3.1-acre flagship EV hub opened in December 2021 and is one of the largest commercial charging depots in the world. Serving as the base of operations for more than a dozen third-party cargo and passenger fleets, it features 15 active DC fast-charging ports and 24 Level 2 chargers, secure EV & driver parking with 24/7 staffing, a drivers’ lounge with Wi-Fi and work space, and other amenities.

Near-term capabilities (Q4 2023)


Level 2

Supervised overnight EV parking

Secure EV & driver parking with 24/7 staffing

Drivers’ lounge with Wi-Fi, work area & other amenities

Our Expansion Plans

We’re in the planning and acquisition phase on a number of future EV hubs at major airports, seaports and other transportation centers.

Port of Long Beach

XX-acre drayage facility
Status: Signed lease

Port of Newark

XX-acre drayage facility
Status: Signed lease