We take employment seriously

At Career Strider, our mission is to empower individuals on their path to career success. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive resources, personalized guidance, and innovative tools that enable individuals to navigate the job market, unlock their potential, and achieve their professional goals. Through our unwavering commitment to excellence, we strive to be the catalyst for positive career transformations and empower individuals to forge their own path to success.

How we got here

Founded in 2018 by career enthusiasts Emily Parker and Michael Collins, Career Strider is a leading provider of comprehensive career development resources and tools. Recognizing the challenges faced by individuals in navigating their professional journeys, Emily and Michael embarked on a mission to empower job seekers and professionals in reaching their full potential.

In the early stages, Emily, with her background in human resources and talent acquisition, and Michael, a seasoned career coach and strategist, joined forces to create a platform that would revolutionize the way people approach their careers. With a shared vision of offering personalized guidance, industry insights, and practical tools, they laid the foundation for Career Strider.

Throughout the years, Career Strider has evolved into a trusted resource, supporting thousands of individuals worldwide in their quest for career growth and fulfillment. From its humble beginnings, the company quickly gained recognition for its dedication to helping people overcome career obstacles and achieve their aspirations.

In 2019, Career Strider launched its flagship online platform, providing job seekers with a wealth of resources, including resume builders, interview preparation materials, and networking guides. As the company grew, so did its team of career experts, who joined forces to expand the range of services and cater to diverse needs.

By 2021, Career Strider had established itself as a go-to destination for professionals seeking personalized career guidance and support. It introduced personalized coaching sessions, industry-specific workshops, and professional development courses, further empowering individuals to excel in their chosen fields.

Today, Career Strider continues to innovate and adapt to the evolving needs of job seekers and professionals. With a team of dedicated experts and a growing community of success stories, the company remains committed to its mission of providing the tools and guidance necessary for individuals to thrive in their careers.

Where we're going!

We’re in the planning phase on a number of future Strider updates.

Mentorship Program

The program will connect experienced professionals with mentees seeking guidance, allowing them to benefit from the wisdom and insights of seasoned industry experts. Through this mentorship initiative, Career Strider aims to foster meaningful connections, provide personalized advice, and facilitate valuable knowledge sharing to help individuals excel in their career paths.

Skills Development Platform

Recognizing the importance of continuous skill development in today's rapidly changing job market, Career Strider is investing in the development of an innovative skills development platform. This platform will provide curated courses, interactive workshops, and practical exercises tailored to meet the specific needs of different industries and professions. By offering accessible and relevant skill-building opportunities, Career Strider aims to empower individuals to stay competitive, enhance their professional capabilities, and unlock new career opportunities.